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According to his representative today, February 14, "Oh Ji Ho will hold his wedding ceremony at Shilla Hotel on April 12." Oh Ji Ho was also open to share his happiness to his fans saying, "I met a person who I could spend the rest of my life with and love.

I promise before you that I will embrace her with a love that allows us to treasure and understand each other.

And although he may not be the typical flower boy or handsome man that girls get crazy about but for me he is a “The man’s man” and he has that charm and charisma which makes you can’t help but get attracted to him.

In addition to that he is unintentionally funny because yes he is known for being a very serious man but that is exactly the source of all the laughter 😀 Back to my couple, their chemistry together on and off screen is just GREAT to say at least and they may have shared together the largest number of kisses any of them shared with a co-star (I am not sure if did equal or exceeded that because we know he had lots of kisses with Da-hae in “Love Actually” but I doubt if we counted the NG : D).

Having been in a relationship for the past two years, the couple will be tying the knot.

Wanting to hold a meaningful ceremony, without the fancy spotlight, Oh Ji Ho revealed his plan to hold the wedding in private, inviting over only family and close friends.

He recently went public with his relationship with his girlfriend, who is three years younger than him.His non-celebrity girlfriend who is 3 years his junior and had been dating 2 years.in a variety show specially without a reason like promoting her dramas, so it was really great to see her guest in Running Man back in 2012 not in one but two episodes!!Oh Ji Ho said, “I finally met the one who I will spend the rest of my life with.I promise that we will cherish and care for each other with love.

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Lol Oh ji ho has been one of my ideal men ever since i started watching K-dramas.

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