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The reason for this is that if you have genital herpes, your natural barrier of protection, the skin, might be compromised with small sores or lesions in and around the vagina and cervix that you might not even feel. Stigma: Herpes dating sites often give women who are newly diagnosed a chance to meet some really wonderful and normal men and women.

Joining a dating site full of people with similar health conditions can be a liberating experience for daters tired of keeping their STDs a secret.

When someone finds out at first that she/he might have herpes, usually feels like chances of meeting someone and forming a relationship have just been destroyed.

This causes many people to turn to online dating sites.

I have learned so much in the last 16 years from my own experience of dating with herpes and supporting women with herpes in my private practice and herpes Pink Tent™ support forum.

While I never chose to use a herpes dating site myself, many women out there do and I totally support them in their choice. Benefits and Risks Of Using a Positive Singles Dating Site or Herpes Dating Site 1.

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Best Overall| HIV | Herpes | Other STDs Online dating offers a solution to singles living with an STD and feeling daunted by the dating landscape.

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