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Paula white dating again

He wrote Journey's mega-hit song "Don't Stop Believin.'"White, who hosts the television show "Paula White Today," which has aired on BET and TBN, shared a message with her Facebook followers celebrating the April 26 wedding."God is sending someone FOR YOU," White said to her Facebook followers.Her first marriage to the father of her son, Dean Knight, ended in divorce shortly after she became a Christian.Indubitably, they both took a hit and considering both are in the news more for what they are doing for the Gospel, I would say this could create a ripple in the financial blessings of both of their worlds. But the well-known healing minister says the relationship is over. Here’s a news flash – I’m married, and I have “friendships”. But just in case the Church wasn’t on to the rouse Captain Nehru was exhibiting, there’s more to this uh, “confession”: … Friends don’t let friends get caught by the Yes, Brother Benny. So, here’s a thought: Brother Benny, what in the world do you call the “things” you have with fellow male ministers in the TBN circuit?

It’s incredibly late because this was a complex episode to approach.

In 1989 she wed preacher and evangelist Randy White and the two founded Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida, some two years later in 1991.

She divorced Randy White in 2007 and left Without Walls in 2011 after Hinn, who was married at the time the photo was taken, said there was "nothing inappropriate or morally improper" about his relationship with White, in a statement on his website.

Naturally, both “independently determined” this report was utter poppycock (although they repeated each others’ press release), and the news kept on coming. “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old adage for a reason.

From blogs to mainstream Christian media, no one believed them and everyone doubted them.

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