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Tatyana medvedeva dating scam russian

We respect our customers’ privacy and this list is a guide to protect people from Russian romance scams.

If you would like a background check or require a consultation please feel free to contact us.

The deliveries failed due to either a fake address or non-existence of the building or street or non-existence of the intended recipient.

We have not included the names of the senders and we will not provide this information to anyone.

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He was cure of leprosy by Fevronia, a young peasant woman.

The prince gave up the throne for love and married Fevronia. But everything end happily, the people of Murom called the wise Prince Peter back. These days on the Day of Family in Moscow are held festivities where people have fun together with their families.

The Day of Family is celebrated on Peter and Fevronia Day (the Orthodox patron saints of married couples).

There is a tale about Prince Peter, who ruled the Russian city of Murom in the 13th century.

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