Updating 3dr network

Posted by / 28-Oct-2017 07:43

Updating 3dr network

3DR Solo has been highly criticized, mainly due to its long GPS fix times.

Follow this tutorial in order to equip your drone with the latest and more performant GPS chips, and your Solo will come back to life!

The Solo firmware upgrades will fix bugs in the software along with adding new flight features giving you a far better flying and filming experience.

Upgrading the firmware software on the Solo remote controller and quadcopter is pretty easy.

3DR incorporated these maps into its Solo UAV (above), so that if you open the app in a restricted area, you'll see a yellow "warning" or red "don't fly" circle.See the Si1000 data sheet for the exact mapping between RSSI and d Bm received signal strength, or use this approximate formula Note The reason the RSSI varies so much during this flight is that the signal is attenuated when the plane is rolled over in a turn as I was using a simple wire antenna in the plane.The RSSI values for this flight were plenty high enough for the link quality to be excellent throughout the flight using the default radio parameters.DJI also helps Phantom pilots avoid restricted no-fly zones, but its system appears to work differently.Unlike 3DR's Air Map-enabled app, DJI only shows permanently restricted zones, like airports -- it doesn't constantly update temporary no-go areas.

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